TotaLink :: Wireless and DSL Internet Service

DSL :: High Speed Internet with the Highest Level of Reliability

  • Faster than cable modem service during peak usage periods
  • DSL service is flexible enough to grow with the skills and interests of our users
  • DSL is as reliable as your phone
  • DSL speed is consistent, as opposed to the shared systems used by cable where speed may decrease

Whether you are a large business running multiple operations or a home with one computer TotaLink DSL can handle your internet demands. TotaLink DSL provides always-available high-speed access over a single dedicated telephone line as opposed to cable modems that offer high-speed access over a shared cable television line. Our sales team will put together the perfect package from 1.5Mbps for residential services up to 6.0Mbps for commercial services. As with any service we provide, there is 24/7/365 technical and billing support and our experienced technicians are available on site during office hours.

Wireless :: No more wires means no more worries

Toledo businesses are dependent upon fast and reliable internet connections to maintain productivity. TotaLink Wireless access is your affordable solution when broadband is not available or you require redundant connections. The service is fully scalable, allowing you to easily tailor your needs to your company's growth.

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