DNS Part Deux

Ok, I have registered my new domain at the registrars and I have designed where I will place the DNS records for my domain. The name servers that hold these records is also known as the Start of Authority ( … Continue reading

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DNS, or the Magic of the Internet

When you type yahoo.com into you browser how is it that your computer knows how to find this specific web page? How can people find your web site to get information about your company or business or about you? What … Continue reading

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The Voucher Based Hotspot

A voucher is nothing more than a preselected username and password which is used for authenticating a subscriber. The user name and passwords are randomly generated and generally printed on card stock the size of a business card. This Voucher … Continue reading

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Derek Aldridge – Senior Systems Engineer

Derek Aldridge is our newest Senior Systems Engineer. He has been working in the IT field nearly all of his adult life, beginning at the age of sixteen. At a young age his parents bought him a Commodore 64, and … Continue reading

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