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Agentless Backup Technology

Agentless architecture was designed with scalable manageability in mind. The architecture requires the install of only one backup agent on a selected machine and through one centrally managed console all networked machines can then be backed up. Communication is established using communication protocols such as FTP, CIFS/SMB, Telnet or SSh. Continue reading

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What are Managed Services?

What are Managed Services? The term “Managed services” means just what it sounds like: services we provide in which we manage one or more of your technology needs for you. We cover a range of technical services including server maintenance and administration, quarterly updates, and resource monitoring. Continue reading

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Would You Like Fries with That Hotspot – Food for Thought

Working in the technology field is always a gamble. You’re always looking for the edge, the next big product and watching market direction. Keeping an eye on customer requests and trying to figure out where to spend your product education dollars. Even with media hype the best products and standards do not always succeed. Often the best of these technological breakthroughs loose out to price or fear of monopoly to inferior products. Continue reading

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Top 30 Failed Technology Predictions

Throughout history man has been making predictions of the future. With the advent of technology, the predictions moved away from religious topics to scientific and technological. Unfortunately for the speakers, many of these failed predictions have been recorded for all future generations to laugh at. Here is a selection of the 30 best Continue reading

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