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Eddie Jones Promoted to Senior Systems Engineer

It is with pleasure that CISP announces the promotion of Eddie Jones to Senior Systems Engineer. Eddie’s response to technical issues, his dedication to customer service, and willingness to learn new Microsoft technologies to better himself and CISP has not … Continue reading

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Protecting What is Near and Dear to my Wife, Her Pictures.

There is a better way than the full PC backup though. The answer is a technology included in RESTORA called Smart Crawl Template Backup. Smart Crawl Template backup utilizes file type template search to selectively find what to backup based on the type of the file. Think of it like an automatic picture search engine for backup. Continue reading

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Is Your Data REALLY Protected?

Why use cloud backups?
1. In the United States alone, businesses lose an average of 12 Billion per year due to data loss.
2. 70% of businesses that have had major data loss, go out of business within 24 months.
3. Having your data encrypted, conforms to regulations such as HIPPA.
4. Hard drives have an average life span of 3-5 years.
5. All CD/DVD disks will fail Continue reading

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Agentless Backup Technology

Agentless architecture was designed with scalable manageability in mind. The architecture requires the install of only one backup agent on a selected machine and through one centrally managed console all networked machines can then be backed up. Communication is established using communication protocols such as FTP, CIFS/SMB, Telnet or SSh. Continue reading

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