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How can we help you reap the benefits of Linux?

A customer came to us with an ecommerce web site that could no longer live in a shared hosting environment because there was sensitive customer data in their database. We deployed them a CentOS Linux server with Apache and MySQL, applied all the updates, tightened down security, and configured the Apache web server for their domain. We then created a user for their web developer so they could create the MySQL databases and upload the necessary web files. All while their original site was running live with their old provider. After they tested the new site, we worked with the customer and the developer to ensure a smooth transition from the old site to the new with zero interruption. From there all that was left was for us to monitor the system and periodically apply updates and their web developer to make updates as needed. Continue reading

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What are Managed Services?

What are Managed Services? The term “Managed services” means just what it sounds like: services we provide in which we manage one or more of your technology needs for you. We cover a range of technical services including server maintenance and administration, quarterly updates, and resource monitoring. Continue reading

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