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Is Your Data REALLY Protected?

Why use cloud backups?
1. In the United States alone, businesses lose an average of 12 Billion per year due to data loss.
2. 70% of businesses that have had major data loss, go out of business within 24 months.
3. Having your data encrypted, conforms to regulations such as HIPPA.
4. Hard drives have an average life span of 3-5 years.
5. All CD/DVD disks will fail Continue reading

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Detour Communications

Did you know that CISP works with an affiliated company, Detour Communications, that offers all sorts of business-class telephony services? Continue reading

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Are you prepared?

While it is easy for companies to feel overwhelmed with the task of creating a disaster recovery plan, it simply has to be done. The statistics are staggering. Continue reading

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Oh, hello there…

Why start a blog? That was the question we asked ourselves. What do we have to contribute to the din already out there on the internet? When we sat down to look at everything we offer as a business, from our technical expertise, our unique building and our dedication to improving the area, we decided to up the high-tech ante in Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan with our knowledge and experience. Continue reading

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