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Why Choose Offsite Cloud Backup Over Traditional Tape Backup?

For 20 plus years, many businesses have been backing up their data to tape. Tape backup was the most efficient method of backup of its time and stayed this way until fairly recently. As time progressed, it became apparent that tape backups were becoming obsolete and that a better solution was needed. Disk based cloud backup solutions were the answer and eliminated the hurdles associated with traditional tape backups. Continue reading

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Is ‘cloud computing’ the future of video games?

Playing high-profile video games quickly from portable devices such as your iPad might get easier after this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

While the E-3 “game changer” tag has been reserved largely for innovations such as 3-D and motion-sensor systems, several companies hope using cloud computing to store games will be the real shift by letting gamers play high-end titles anywhere, on almost any machine Continue reading

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