Who are we? Heather Fuller – Junior Systems Engineer

Heather is a Junior Systems Engineer here at CISP. We have asked her to put together a short bio so you, valued reader, can get to know her just a little bit better.

Heather says that her grandparents helped her first get interested in computers at an early age. “My grandpa was an electrical engineer and he’s always been an early adopter of consumer electronics so he had a home PC before they were very common and before I ever had one at home. My grandparents would let me come over and use their computer and I would play games, draw in MS Paint, and (with some help from Grandpa) type up some BASIC programs I found in a kid’s science magazine called 3-2-1 Contact. Also my grandparents eventually bought my siblings and me our first computer for our own house, too. “

Heather first started working in IT as a Student Consultant at the Helpline (computer help desk) at Kenyon College. She graduated from Kenyon in 2004 with a degree in Philosophy.

After college, Heather volunteered for a year with AmeriCorps. She was a member of the Montana Tech Corps and helped run the TechGYRLs program at the YWCA in Helena, MT. She taught 4th-8th grade girls (and sometimes boys) Logo programming in MicroWorlds, Lego Mindstorms Robotics, and basic webpage design using HTML.

After coming back to her hometown of Toledo, Heather started at CISP as a Tier 1 in 2005. While working in the call center, she also worked toward a Master’s degree at the University of Toledo, graduating in 2008 with an M.Ed in Educational Technology.

Continuing to work at CISP Heather was eventually promoted to Managed Services Technician and more recently promoted to Junior Systems Engineer. Her main responsibilities are Windows Managed Services such as Microsoft Exchange and MS Small Business Server. She sets up and manages user accounts, file sharing, monitoring, antivirus, backups, and updates on managed systems. Heather also does some general tech support for internal and managed customers such for desktops, smartphones, and printers and creates much of the documentation for Managed and internal procedures.

In her spare time, Heather volunteers at the Toledo Area Humane Society. She takes photos and video of adoptable animals to appear on the Internet on sites such as Petharbor.com, Petfinder.com, YouTube, and Facebook.

Heather’s certifications are CompTIA A+, MCTS, and VMWare VSP.

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