Top 5 gadgets for Christmas 2010

In the break room one day at lunch last week we were talking about what is going to be hot this holiday season and what the best gifts might be. Because of this we thought it would be fun to have one of our gadget oriented employees put together his thoughts for a blog entry. Below are the fruits of his labor. We hope you will find it entertaining and informative.

5. Video games systems
Video games systems are always hot items for Xmas. The Nintendo Wii sales may be down but it will still be a contender this holiday season. With Microsoft bringing out Kinect in November, their motion controller, the Xbox will have strong sales in the 4th quarter of 2010. Sony has already debuted their motion controller called Sony Move. With all three consoles having motion controls it will be a tossup who will be the top seller. Hand held systems like the Nintendo DS and the Playstation Portable are always hot sellers as well.

4. Mp3 players
Do not count out the stand alone mp3 player’s appeal as a Christmas gift. With Apple bringing out their new smaller and thinner iPod line up, their sales will be strong as ever. If you’re not an apple fan there is always Microsoft Zune. After a rough start the Zune has become a decent contender to Apple. Sony may be retiring their Walkman cassette line at the end of the year but their mp3 player sales are still strong as ever. Sandisk also has nice alternatives.

3. E-book readers
One trick ponies without the distractions of other devices, E-book readers will be hot items this Xmas season. Amazon Kindle is already a best seller. With the new 3rd gen design, it will continue to sell well. The Barnes & Noble Nook is shaping up to be a decent reader. Sony has a couple of readers on the market I would not count them out just yet. We’ll see which one shapes up to be the best seller of 2010.

2. Smart phones.
Apple has been dominating the smart phone market since the iPhone was released in 2007. Look for them to be a top seller for Christmas. Google is finally getting more Android handsets out for the holidays so expect their market share to grow. Rim’s Blackberry market share has been dropping, so they may not be the top phone this holiday season. But I would not count them out just yet. After Microsoft’s failed phone the Kin, they continue to work on their Windows Mobile platform. Renaming it to match their current PC OS windows phone 7 looks to be promising with the first phones due out early November.

1. Tablet computers
Will this be the year of the Tablet PC? Apple thinks so. Their iPad line up is selling very well. But they have some strong competition this season. The Blackberry Playbook has the new blackberry OS and is locked down like the iPad. We’ll see if limiting the OS like Apple, either harms or helps them. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is little more open running the Android OS but it still has limitations. The HP Slate is running multi-touch windows 7. With the Slate being more open than the others, this may be The Slates best selling point. It’s hard to tell who the winner will be in the Tablet minefield, but it is shaping up to be a very interesting war.

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