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The tips and tricks to keep you safe in public hotspots. How to secure your wireless router, build a hotspot or put together a mesh network.

The Basics of Wireless Mesh Networks

The advancement of, and the growing popularity of 802.11 mesh networks is a continuing hot topic among many different wireless groups. This topic is also fueled by the recently ratified 802.11s. Mesh networks often fall short of our expectations; mainly due to high latency and dropped packets. Why they work and why they don’t; the two biggest reasons that wireless mesh networks fail. Continue reading

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The Voucher Based Hotspot

A voucher is nothing more than a preselected username and password which is used for authenticating a subscriber. The user name and passwords are randomly generated and generally printed on card stock the size of a business card. This Voucher … Continue reading

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The Free Hotspot

The free Hotspot is what most people associate with when they hear the word Hotspot. Many companies provide this service to their customers, but without fully understanding the ramifications of their actions. Often times small companies grab a wireless router at the electronics store take it to their place of business; plug it in thinking this is great my customers will love it. And their right, customers do love the convenience and have come to expect the service. Continue reading

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Managed Wireless from Design to Implementation

One of our managed customers is a progressive nursing home that cares very deeply about their residents. As with most nursing homes once the resident pays for their care it leaves very little extra from their Social Security check; usually about $40/month. So the nursing home set out to have a wireless network installed that would give their residents internet access. Continue reading

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